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Intro to Inclusive and Equitable Teaching Strategies for Teaching Assistants (TAs)

For a copy of the digital handout for this workshop, please email CET&L: cetl@uc.eduCET&L's Inclusive and Equitable Teaching Strategies Canvas site…

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Anna Donnell - Introduction to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Simple Strategies | Monday, 1/25

Anna Donnell of the University of Cincinnati leads this basic introduction to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) teaching strategies. This session is designed for instructors who are just…

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Christian Drennen - Virtually Flipping Your Online Course | Thursday 1/7

Join Christian Drennen and Anna Donnell as they take talk through some best practices with regard to virtually flipping your online course. In this workshop we'll talk about what it means to…

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"Promoting Active Learning Using Padlet, a Collaborative Online Tool" - Doreen Grontkowski & Emily Frazier

Session 7 | 4:30pm | Room 3 Presenter: Doreen Grontkowski, Assistant Professor, ELCE Co-Presenter: Emily Frazier, Associate Professor, ELCE Title: Promoting Active Learning Using Padlet, a…

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"Cracking Genetic Codes: A Genetics-Focused Escape Room for Experiential Learning" - Leandra Tolusso & Melanie Myers

Session 6 | 3:50pm | Room 3 Presenter: Leandra Tolusso, Genetic Counselor Co-Presenter: Melanie Myers, ProfessorTitle: Cracking genetic codes: A genetics-focused escape room for experiential…

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"Onboarding: Preparing Students for Online Learning" - Jennifer Vojtko Rubi & Ashley Johann

Session 5 | 3:10pm | Room 3 Presenter: Jennifer Vojtko Rubi, Assistant Professor Co-Presenter: Ashley JohannTitle: Onboarding: Preparing Students for Online Learning Description: This presentation…

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"Asynchronous Online Elective Course in Ophthalmology for Senior Medical Students" - Lisa Kelly

Session 2 | 1:10pm | Room 3 Presenter: Lisa Kelly, MD, MEd, Associate Professor Title: Asynchronous online elective course in ophthalmology for Senior Medical Students Description: Instruction…

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"Humanizing Online Learning" - Vali Tadayon

Session 1 | 12:30pm | Room 3 Presenter: Vali Tadayon, Associate Professor Title: Humanizing Online Learning Description: Complementing and enhancing the current LMS with effective learning tools…

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Excellence Online @ UC Teaching Showcase - Welcome and Kickoff

Welcome and Kick-off 12:20pm - 12:28pm Dr. Bryan Smith Assistant Vice Provost University of Cincinnati

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WebEx Breakout Sessions

Join Anna as she discussed how to use the new Webex Breakout sessions.

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Beth Faller - An Introduction to Canvas Discussions | Friday 6/5

Facilitator: Beth Faller | Webex Moderator: Kimber Andrews

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Anna Donnell - Communicating with Students in Canvas | Thursday 5/28

Facilitator: Anna Donnell | Webex Moderator: Daniel Dale

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Daniel Dale - Canvas First Look | Wednesday 5/20

Facilitator: Daniel Dale | Webex Moderator: Kimber Andrews

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